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Group Items Out of Balance
Posted by Adam Liberman on 07 June 2009 10:47 PM
Subject: Group Items out of Balance
Versions: All
Description: When importing orders into Quickbooks, you receive a "transaction out of balance" message on those orders that include groups.
Solution: The price of a group may have been altered in the online store. This will cause an error. Because the iif file actually includes all the items in a group, the group price must equal the sum of all the items in it. To change the price, edit the group in Quickbooks as needed. The price can be changed by altering the price of one of the items, by adding a discount item to lower the total price, or by adding an other charge item to raise the total price. Now, upload the lists.iif file into QBI to update its tables. Set the price in the online store to be equal to the group price in Quickbooks.

Note that this does not apply to assemblies. The price of an assembly in the online store does not need to match the price in Quickbooks.
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