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Products That Sell in Various Quantity Bundles
Posted by Adam Liberman on 15 January 2011 11:34 AM
Subject: Products That Sell in Various Quantity Bundles
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Description: How to sell one Quickbooks item in different bundle quantities with lower per-item prices for larger bundles.

This situation is a little awkward to resolve, due to the limitations of Quickbooks, not QBI.

Let's say you have a particular greeting card--product model GREETCARD--that you buy bulk at wholesale in boxes of 10,000. You want to sell them in bundles of 25, 100, and 500, and the price-per-item is less in larger bundles.

If you want the quantity sold to reflect the number of bundles, not the number of items:

You can create three Assemblies in Quickbooks. Each assembly contains only one item, which is GREETCARD. Each of the three assemblies contains a different quantity of that item (200, 500, or 1000). The problem with QB Assemblies is that you must assemble them. So, every so often, you need to build some assemblies in QB of all three types from your wholesale stock of GREETCARD--otherwise, you'll run out. The purchase price of each assembly can be set as desired.

Another alternative is that you have item GREETCARD in QB and under it have subitems 200, 500, and 1000, so you have GREETCARD:200, GREETCARD:500, and GREETCARD:1000. When you purchase wholesale, you allocate your purchase between the three subitems.

You can not use QB Groups, which don't need to be assembled. The reason is that the price for a group is made up of the sum of its parts. So, say Item GREETCARD sells for .15 ea. A group of 500 of GREETCARD would be $75. But, a group of 1000 would have to be $150 because GREETCARD is always .15 ea, so you can't give discounts on larger bundles.

If the quantity sold can reflect the number of items:

You sell by the piece. Use quantity price breaks in the online store, and limit your quantity drop-down on the Product page to specific amounts, say 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000 (you may need a Contribution or Add-on to do that--I'm not sure). This makes your store less cluttered, as you only have one product GREETCARD instead of three. It also eliminates the problem that someone might buy quantity 2 of 500, not realizing that they would get the same thing for less if they were to buy quantity 1 of 1000.
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