Error message says 'Warning: Some products are missing the Products Model!'
Posted by Adam Liberman on 28 December 2011 12:00 AM
Problem: The top of the Create IIF page says "Warning: Some products are missing the Products Model! Correct this issue before creating iif files!

Cause: Some products are missing the model. Every product must have a model. It's like a SKU or part number, and identifies the product to QBI. If the model is the same as the Item Name in Quickbooks, you'll eliminate the need to do matching.

Solution: If a product is missing the model, add it. You can do this quickly from the Configure Products page in QBI. All products that don't have a model will be listed first, making it easy to find them. See Chapter 12 in the QBI User Manual for more details. You may also add the model by editing the product in the online store admin, but this method is more time consuming.

Versions: 3.50+
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