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Orders with discounts do not import
Posted by Adam Liberman on 02 December 2007 10:25 PM
Problems importing orders that contain discount coupons or added fees.

QBI bug or user error, depending on version.

1) In versions < 3.50, the sign may need to be adjusted in the code -- some discount modules enter the amount as positive and some as negative.
2) Discounts and fees are not working in versions 3.50 - 3.55. Please update to the latest version of QBI.
3) In versions 3.56 - 3.59, the sign for coupons (ot_coupon) is wrong in the QBI database. In the table qbi_discart, change the filed qbi_disccart_sign from + to - for ot_coupon, or upgrade to the latest version.
4) Discounts and fees are not set up and matched in QBI. Refer to the manual for instructions.

All versions, depending on solution.
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